Harwich Lifeboat Station

Services for 2017

Total number of services for this year : 3 (ALB=1 ILB=2)

The first call of 2017 for Harwich RNLI woke the volunteer crew just before 6am.

The inshore lifeboat was requested to assist in the transfer of a person from a barge at Pin Mill, for onward transfer for medical treatment.

On arrival at the scene, the lifeboat was unfortunately unable to get close to the vessel due to the state of tide. However, the vessel itself was accessible from the shore side. Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service, East of England Ambulance Service, and Holbrook Coastguard Rescue Team were all in attendance and safely transferred the individual.

The lifeboat was released to return to station.

On Friday 13th of January, the all weather lifeboat was launched to locate and investigate a drifting vessel.

During the morning, with the threat of a high tidal surge and gale force winds, crew members had assembled to move the all weather lifeboat to a more sheltered temporary berth. Despite being on a temporary berth, the lifeboat was quickly on the way to the position of the last reported sighting, just north of Woodbridge Haven.

On arrival at the reported position, there was no sign of the vessel. A Coastguard rescue team was requested to check the river Deben entrance from the shore to see if the vessel could he sighted.

The lifeboat was given an initial search plan by the UK Coastguard which was quickly replaced with an updated plan. On the first leg of the second search plan, the vessel was located, being taken further offshore by the weather conditions. The vessel was unoccupied and had part of a mooring attached, suggesting it had broken its mooring inside the river Deben.

Consideration was given to launching the Y-Boat to attach a tow to the vessel but with skillful manoeuvring of the lifeboat in challenging conditions, the crew were able to pickup the remains of the mooring on the vessel and make off the tow rope to it.

Shortly after 6pm, the lifeboat and small motor vessel arrived safely back in Harwich and returned to the temporary berth ahead of a further tidal surge.

ILB launched to capsized Kayaker at the harbour entrance. Fortunately for the casualty a Pilot launch was quickly on scene after hearing the call for assistance.

The pilot launch quickly recovered individual from water and made its way to rendezvous with the Harwich ILB. Both the casualty & kayak were transferred to ILB & returned to the lifeboat station.

The Individual was cold but fit & well. Blankets were provided to help warm up and then the individual was taken back to the launch site.