Harwich Lifeboat Station

Lifeboat Museum Directions

By train or bus
The bus station is located next to Harwich train station, use the following instructions to find the Lifeboat museum

1. Get the train to the Harwich Train Station (It's the last stop on the line)
2. Walk out of the train station and head straight across the car park
3. You will see an old lighthouse ahead of you, turn left and head up the main road.
4. You will past a fish & chip shop on your right hand side and shortly afterwards turn right into "Church Lane"
5. Directly ahead you will see St Nicholas church, turn left at the top of this lane
6. Directly to your right, is a path leading down the side of the church
7. Walk down this path and turn left, you will see a large house on your right hand side
8. Just past this house turn right and the lifeboat museum is ahead of you










By car

1. Drive along the A120, until you reach the first large roundabout. (Ramsby roundabout)
2. Go over this roundabout and keep following the road, until the next large roundabout (Parkstone roundabout)
3. You need the third exit and you will now pass the Morrisons supermarket on your left
4. Keep following the road and you will pass over the Phoenix bridge then over three more roundabouts
5. Just past the last roundabout you will see a large warehouse on your left and shortly ahead of you will be the Trinity House buoy yard
6. Keep following the road, which bends to the right and you will enter on to the quay
7. There is a mini-roundabout just after the right hand bend.
8. Go over the mini-roundabout and you will see the Harwich Lifeboat Boathouse ahead of you
9. Follow the road and just past the Pier Restaurant is a right hand bend
10. Keep following the road and you see a painted mural on the wall
11. The lifeboat museum is just on the left hand side and suitable parking is available outside