Harwich Lifeboat Station

Harwich Lifeboat Museum

The Harwich Lifeboat museum houses the old Clacton offshore lifeboat the "Valentine Wyndham-Quin", which is a 37ft Oakley class of lifeboat. She was stationed at the Clacton Lifeboat station between 1968 -1984 and completed many honorable services. The Clacton Lifeboat station web site has more information about her time spent at Clacton .

When she finished as an operational lifeboat she was moved to Cromer as a display lifeboat for the local museum.

She was moved from Cromer to Harwich and the old Lifeboat boathouse was re-opened and refurnished to accommodate her. The lifeboat museum now contains a large collection of general and local lifeboat artifacts.

Today the lifeboat museum is run by the Harwich Society and is open to the public during the summer period. It's recommended you check the Harwich Society web site for opening hours.